Garden Design Tips from the Experts

Garden Design Tips from the Experts

What You Need To Know About Garden Designing

If you’re only now starting your garden, you most likely don’t have much of an idea about how to design it.

What flowers and plants do you want to place in your garden? Which kinds of blooms and herbs are best for the type of design and theme you have planned? How do you come up with a layout to match your vision? How do you plan out your garden space to leave enough room for chairs, tables, a gazebo, or any other outdoor furniture?

Where do you even start with all these? No matter what questions you may have, we’ve got your back! This blog post is here to help you make the right moves for your garden design.

We give you a practical list of guidelines for the perfect garden you want! We show you how to create an eye-catching look for events, cookouts, or R&R away from the stress of life. We also give you guidelines on choosing the theme and color scheme of your yard.

With these, you can make your dream garden come to life!

Interested in a formal course? Want to get certified as a gardening expert? We encourage you to look into organizations offering classes in floristry, like:

American Institute of Floral Designers (
National Gardening Organization (
American Floral Endowment (
American Horticultural Society (

Establishing Your Style.

We don’t know about you, but many people who own gardens have a difficult time assessing the layout of their yard. Because of this, they have trouble placing things where they pictured it would be. Gardeners and specialists in the field often encounter clients who ask for a fresh set of eyes to assess their garden.

They want help to create their unique style. See, all the furniture and elements are there, but they don’t know how to tie it all together!
So how do you solve this dilemma?
Gardening pros from A Way to Garden say there are three things to ask yourself when planning a design for your flower garden.

These will come in handy when you go and buy essentials. If you’ve already set plants and other items in your yard, don’t worry! These will help you reposition everything in a more pleasing way.

These three fundamental questions will help you develop your garden’s style! With these, you can customize your garden with your unique tastes and needs in mind.

What will you do or do you like to do in the garden?

For cooks, you could have a grill next to the kitchen. You can also spruce it up with a display of fragrant herbs on a dedicated garden bed. This is also a perfect idea for those fond of hosting celebrations in their garden!

When will you be outside?

If you have guests over on a regular basis, you’ll want your garden to be the perfect spot for gatherings. So you need to have gorgeous blooms, robust plants, and cozy furniture. Keep this in mind when you’re selecting plants and items.

If you want your garden to be a place of relaxation, you’ll want to plant soothing plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers. So you and your family can go out, feel a crisp breeze of cool air, and get a “reset” from the pressures of daily life.

Who will you be with?

Consider how often you’ll have visitors over. Knowing who will most likely be with you out in the garden will help you further personalize your design. You can pick chairs, tables, and other furniture based on this. You can also determine what types of flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees to grow in certain areas of your garden.

At the same time, if you have people over a lot, you’ll want to leave out your plants and furniture. You want them to be all ready and look great without having to put them away when storms or rains turn up.

So make sure the furniture and plants you place in your yard will be weather-proof for any season. This way, you can leave them out and have people over any time without worries.

Picking the Color Scheme and Theme

Like any type of design you have to draw up, your garden needs a color theme to go by. Now, it doesn’t need to be a full-on color palette! You could have a reference point from someplace you saw while going on a drive or while you were on vacation. You can apply that into your garden design.

First of all, though, you should ask yourself what vibe you want to get when you step into the garden. Is it like the marvelous beauty of rainforests or the tropical island you had your vacation in? Do you want to come out into a Paris-like setup in the comfort of your backyard?

Whatever you choose, you can draw up the same colors and shades to place in your garden and outdoor surroundings. Make your yard your very own with your personal color scheme!

Editing and Rearranging Your Yard

If halfway through you find out you want to change things up a little, don’t worry! You don’t need to start all over. It may not be as easy as the Sims game where you could rearrange and remove items with a click. But with a little effort, you can “edit” out your garden until you get your ideal yard. Follow this pro advice and makeover your garden without having to start from scratch!

First, wait until the winter. It offers a clearer overview of your entire back garden. You can see trees and shrubs a lot better. You can also catch and eliminate on-ground plants that have been dead for a while.

If you’d like a more covered garden with natural shade, plant a couple of trees and shrubs around your backyard. With this, you get to savor cozy afternoons in the summer sun without burning your skin off!

But if you’d like more open space, you could opt to put in a bird feeder or small fountain in the middle of your garden. You’ll have more room to walk around and breathe fresh air.
Whatever your style is, you can “edit” and refurbish your backyard to your ideal flower garden!

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti